Arran From Seamill, Ayrshire Coast, Scotland - Prints of an original seascape painting by Scottish artist A Peutherer



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An original painting & prints of the Autumn glow over Arran from Seamill, Ayrshire Coast of Scotland

This view of Arran was painted from memory and some blurry photos, an amazing image over to The Isle of Arran in brutal weather conditions
This painting is a view after a very heavy rain storm that had come over Arran and the beach at Seamill one Scottish Autumn day
Autumn is actually by far my favorite season of the Scottish year in weather, for light clarity and dramatic colour

Ayrshire Coastal Path
I was walking down part of the Ayrshire Coastal Path on a very wet Autumnal day
Constant windy and wet storms, ripping into the Ayrshire mainland were extremely frequent
Well worth it for the light and colour created in breaks of weather conditions
The storms influence on the light and colour spectrum on a Scottish Autumn day is sublime

Seamill and Arran from The Ayrshire Coastline
This was also my first time seeing Arran from this angle and area and i was not disappointed
Seamill Beach was almost glowing and pristine after the rain
Huge waves and extreme wind had polished the Ayrshire beach off to a glass like finish

The Original Scottish Seascape Painting and fine art prints

A mix of mediums including Acrylic paint, Oil paint and some Spray Paint went onto this canvas
My attempt to try and capture my wee experience that day on Seamill Beach and partly hiding behind a wall from the storm

Hopefully you can feel and see the vibrant colour, fresh light and drama of the weather in the painting or print

More about the Isle of Arran here.

And the original Scottish landscape / Seascape painting on canvas
This original painting of Arran & Seamill Beach continues around the deep edges of the canvas giving a cool 3D style
A very contemporary style that can be framed if you would like

My personal preference for framing being a floating frame

Also known as a tray frame in mostly the USA

This original Scottish Seascape painting of Arran from Seamill Beach has sold im afraid folks
You can however, arrange a commissioned painting of Arran and Seamill here

Just get in touch with me for a chat


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Arran From Seamill, Ayrshire Coast, Scotland - Prints of an original seascape painting by Scottish artist A Peutherer

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