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Paul Kennedy

Paul graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2004 with a BA(Hons) in Drawing and Painting since then he has continued his development of painting in his studio in Glasgow.

‘During my lifetime Glasgow, the city in which I was born and raised, has undergone rapid development. For every building that is knocked down a million memories are torn down with it. As the banks of the Clyde turn from heavy industry to tourism, how many lives have been changed?
My paintings reflect my thoughts and feelings on a lost history of place and time.
We all have these histories which one day will be lost. I bring together drawings and photographs to create paintings that depict a narrative of the interaction people have with their surroundings.
My studio based on the edge of the city center and the East End of Glasgow gives me the perfect environment to reflect this kaleidoscope of memory and place, helping me to capture a very distinct energy.

Peter Gillies

Stunning Glass art works and paintings.

Stained glass art, paintings, commissions and prints by Peter Gillies


I was born in Ayrshire and moved to Glasgow in my early 20s. I graduated from the Glasgow School of Art with a BA(hons) in Fine Art after a successful degree show.
Ever since I was a kid I have been fascinated by all things geometric. I saw the world primarily in terms of a myriad of groups of shapes and colours. I later developed an interest in computer technology and admired computer manipulation of imagery to create a very geometric and ‘broken down’ look. I wondered what it would be like to go back to the old school and create such imagery using a humble paintbrush and a few tubes of paint.All of my work is hand-painted from scratch without the aid of media packages. However, I find myself mimicking the outcomes achieved through the use of digital media as I strive to give the paint brush a more modern status in a world that is, little by little, trying to forget it.Furthermore, by dissecting the image into many small blocks of colour, I invite the viewer to appreciate the true, enormous spectrum that we see in faces, objects and places on a day-to-day basis.
Adam Kennedy, winner of the Aspect Prize 2010/11, is a Glasgow based contemporary artist who graduated in 2009 from Edinburgh College of Art. Kennedy’s art ranges from site specific installation and extraordinary objects influenced by the history of airline travel to paintings reflective of his childhood fixation with transport and growing up next to the River Clyde in Glasgow.
‘ My name is Jody Kelly, I am an Ayrshire figurative painter who is fond of working from snapshots or awkwardly taken and unconventional photos.The truth is there’s beauty in the mundane and life moves too fast these days. I want to slow it down to the moments that most people would never look at twice.I am drawn to images that get the viewer back to look at the world in new ways and finding a childlike fascination and (sometimes) strangeness in split second moments of time in the mundane. I hope in this way I create a surreal atmosphere in my work’.

Libby Walker is a Glasgow based illustrator. Graduate of Edinburgh College of Art (BA HONS Illustration) 2009

Part of design collective Toads Caravan.

Michael Murray

I am a Digital Artist, Designer, and Photoshop artist specialising in art commissions for offices, hotels, bars, restaurants, private homes and special gifts, as well as graphic design and digital mixed media fine art.