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The Skye Boat Song - A Framed Canvas Print - Scottish Canvas Fine Art Prints - for big interiors, custom made in Scotland



Custom Sizes Also Available On Request

UK delivery within 14 days

A canvas print of Skye Boat Song.
Presented in a hand made 6cm deep, Matt Black Floating Frame.

Outside frame size is XLarge – 106 x 106cm,
including deep edged canvas at a very chunky 5.5cm deep – £345.00

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Skye Boat song - Canvas fine art print by Scottish artist A Peutherer

UK Delivery is included in the price and if you are anywhere else outside the UK just get in touch.
California in The USA for example is around 3 days to your door and less than £100 tracked shipping, on a big fancy aero-plane.

A stunning print on canvas of the original Isle Of Skye, Scottish landscape painting by Andy Peutherer.
The original canvas painting was created with a dramatic mix of mediums.
Blended layered and splattered over the canvas to produce a very atmospheric painting.

The original painting and canvas print depict the incredible results of the weather that sweeps across Scotland’s favorite , Isle Of Skye.
And of course Bonnie prince Charlie.
I love to combine and layer the different types of paint and styles of application to create a very contemporary but unique style of painting.

The canvas print of the original painting has deep edges which gives a very modern presentation in a Floating or Tray Frame.
The frames are made in Glasgow by a good friend with nearly 30 years of experience in Fine Art picture Framing.
Frame profiles are a high quality, smooth grained and slim, wooden tray style.
A gap or channel around the canvas reveals the deep edges of the canvas.
The frame profile itself is a chunky 5.5cm deep ( 2 and a quarter Inches)
Hanging is very simple with a grip hanger fitted to the reverse of the canvas frame.

If you are in any way unsure of how to hang your canvas?

I am more than happy to give you very instructions or talk to you on the phone.
Frames are also surprisingly light in weight as a fairly low density wood is used, further helping the simple hanging procedure.
This simple fixing protrudes over the edge of the profile inside the back of the frame stretcher, allowing the canvas to be hung perfectly flush to your wall or other surface.
Getting your canvas print on the wall really is as simple as 1 nail or screw in the wall and rest the canvas inside frame over.
Just make sure the nail is lined up to go inside the center of the square hanger bracket.
The hanger has teeth which makes it very easy to adjust slightly until leveled.

Less is more, i feel when you want attention on the canvas, painting or print rather than frame.
The slim Black, hand painted floating frame finishes the piece perfectly.
This style of framing is now one of the most popular styles with artist and galleries.

I personally have not used any other kind for way over 10 years.


Original mixed media painting in acrylic paint, spray paint, oil paint and acrylic ink on canvas.

Full outside size including  frame is 136 x 54cm and frame including deep edged canvas is 6cm deep – £345.00




More detailed information on prints & original paintings is available here
For other sizes and formats available, view here
And if you would like to discuss something custom for your space just get in touch here


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Scottish Landscape Paintings & Prints by artist Andy Peutherer
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Skye Boat Song, Scottish Highlands - Framed Canvas Fine Art Print
GBP £345.00
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The Skye Boat Song - A Framed Canvas Print - Scottish Canvas Fine Art Prints - for big interiors, custom made in Scotland

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