Try Art Before You Buy – Get a mock up of your room with your chosed print or painting installed to actual size

Want to try out a picture before you buy?
Unsure of formats & sizes to fit your room?

I can make you a mock-up, insitu image of your space
Everything to scale & any size & format you like

    • Mock-ups to show how various paintings and prints look in rooms and on walls for scale and style
    • Example collections of paintings and prints that look suited together are on this page for some interior design inspiration 
    •   Also some print format & presentation ideas and advice on hanging artwork
    • Custom presentations such as corner wrap around prints and more split-up picture grid layouts

An recent ideal example of a customer's mock-up image

Block Mounted print made to order to exact dimensions helped by a personal mockup image

  • This photograph was sent to me by a client, with photos and measurements
  • Width and height of the wall
  •  A preferred area for positioning ie above sofa
  • Their estimated size of print
  •  I adjusted the photograph exposure, imposed the scaled print
  • Emailed 2 versions with different dimensions/sized mock-ups of the print
  • A much larger size than expected was required after viewing the initial mock-ups
  • The customers are now extra pleased with the resulting print, which fits down to a few centimeters of the mock-ups
  • This is the kind of photograph that is ideal for me creating real life mock-up images for you
  • Size is always deceiving, you will mostly find that bigger is needed than you think more often than not
  • Be sure before committing to buying anything, there’s no point in ordering something custom at the wrong size
  • Just get in touch to request your own bespoke mock-up
  • If it doesn’t work out, no problem

This one is of Balephuil Beach on The Isle Of Tiree just off the West coast of Scotland – Link here

Custom made artwork to compliment your chosen room

With help from a scale image of the artwork presented in your room

Before - Photograph supplied is retouched For example increased exposure
Canvas print of Tiree, Scotland - custom size
After - Mock-up created to scale of a Tiree, Block Mounted Print. At 160cm wide
Tiree Beach - Block print of original painting by artist A Peutherer
Tiree Beach - Block print of original painting

More examples of customers who have used a mockup to choose artwork for their home

An original painting the client was interested in buying
She requested a mockup to show the painting to scale in her room, alongside her other artworks

This image of the clients room was supplied when she 1st considered hanging my original painting there
There are several paintings by other artists hanging already that she was concerned may not be a suitable match of styles
I superimposed my painting to scale on the required  space and at the correct angle to look as realistic as possible
Lighting was also corrected and a slight shadow added under the painting canvas

Clients room with mockup of original painting superimposed insitu

The client was also considering framing for the painting in this space
I also added a suitable frame to the painting image and this was considered as an option
In the end after several mockup images supplied, the clients decision was to hang the painting in a different room of its own
The client loved the painting so much after trying it out several different options that she decided on, unframed and in a special hanging room of its own

Just give me an email or ring/text to arrange your own

Selection of three artworks as Block mounted prints

This client was interested in buying several prints of Skye to fit their space to a specific budget

Initially Canvas Prints were requested, however i suggested Block Mounted as a better option
These provided more choice and wall coverage for the given budget
Several layouts of print were provbided and a suitable arrangement was decided on

The client was very pleaded with the results  and cost as this final layout cost came to less than the initilal budget

Just give me an email or ring/text to arrange your own